Top Double Watch Winder Recommendations

watch winders for automatic watches

Double watch winders for automatic watches are suitable for you who own 2 mechanical watches or plan to buy another one. This electric tool is especially important if you have more than one automatic watch. With it, you can store and wind one watch while you are wearing the other one. For those of you who are looking for double watch winders, here are some recommendations.

Billstone Avanti 2 Plus

Billstone Avanti 2 Plus is a nice choice if you are looking for a sleek double watch winder. It is a space-saving watch winder as well as an economical storage solution for your automatic watches. Just like other Billstone watch winders, this one also has 5 different pre-programmed rotation modes, which are off, clockwise, counter-clockwise, bidirectional, and bidirectional quick charge.

The box is finished with carbon fiber veneer and topped off with multiple layers of polished, high-gloss piano lacquer, making it look extremely elegant. While the interior is lined with khaki velvet, protecting your most cherished timepiece from scratches. The Avanti Plus 2 also features LED lights that you can turn on or off to prettily illuminate and display your collection. It also has a security key for additional protection.

JQueen Double Watch Winder

With a price tag below $100, JQueen Double Watch Winder is ideal for you who prefer an affordable double watch winder. But do not be worried, its affordable price does not sacrifice the look and performance. Comes in 8 different colours, you can choose one that suits your taste. It also has 5 different modes to make sure that your timepiece is not overwound. You can comfortably place it on your bedside table since it has a low noise level.

Those are the recommendations of double watch winders for automatic watches. Which one do you want to buy?

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